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Square Enix to Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Screenshot of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix's recent blockbuster

Early last week, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth developer Square Enix revealed a new medium-term business plan laying out the company’s strategic direction through March 31st, 2027.

Titled “Square Enix Reboots and Awakens: 3 Years of Foundation-Laying for Long-Term Growth”, the strategy is meant to enable the company to overcome recent challenges such as low profitability and a slowdown in the smartphone segment. Courtesy of Gematsu, we know the plan lays out four objectives:

  1. Enhance productivity by optimizing the development footprint in the Digital Entertainment (DE) segment.
  2. Diversify earnings opportunities by strengthening customer contact points.
  3. Roll out initiatives to create additional foundational stability.
  4. Allocate capital giving consideration to the balance between growth investments and shareholder returns.

The gist is Square Enix is pivoting to a quality over quantity approach. You may have heard the news that some unknown games in the pipeline got nixed. Well, this is how Square is rationalizing those decisions.

The company is still planning to “regularly release” big-budget titles in its major franchises, but it’ll also focus on leveraging its library of IPs and releasing so-called SD, or smaller scale, games.

Love this kind of thing and desperate to see the PowerPoint presentation? We’ve got you covered.

Square Enix Rechristens Creative Business Unit III

As part of a restructuring effort connected to the new business plan, Square Enix has also renamed the internal studio responsible for Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI. Creative Business Unit III, the unit led by Naoki Yoshida, is now Creative Studio III, as reported by Push Square.

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Sources: Gematsu, Push Square

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