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The Star Named EOS Delayed; PC Demo and Additional Platforms Announced

The Star Named EOS Artwork

Developer Silver Lining Studio and publisher PLAYISM have delayed The Star Named EOS to this fall. It originally targeted a launch for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam this spring.

However, during a segment at Indie Live Expo, it was revealed that The Star Named EOS will also launch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The newest English gameplay trailer features voiceover work from the talented Suzie Yeung, known for her role as Yuffie Kisaragi in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Star Named EOS is a point-and-click puzzle narrative game centered around photography. Solve the family mystery by clearing different puzzles and recalling treasured memories as you recreate photos from the past. If you’re as curious as I am about this indie gem, you may want to check out a new demo on Steam.

Overview of The Star Named EOS

The Story of a Star

As the young photographer Dei, the player sets off on a journey following in the footsteps of his absent mother.

When he was a young child, Dei received letters from his mother on her travels. They always included a beautiful picture of places she visited.

But one day, Dei notices something strange in the photos that threatens to overturn everything he’s ever believed in. With the guidance of his mother’s voice ringing from deep within his heart, he takes the first step on a journey to discover the truth of his mother’s absence…

Experience a harmonious mixture of beautiful hand-drawn art and engaging puzzles as you embark on a journey of reminiscence.

Key Features

Experience a beautiful, and heartfelt story

  • By recreating old photos left to Dei, uncover a long-forgotten truth about the past.
  • A fully-voiced experience to fully immerse you in the world of The Star Named EOS featuring Aoi Yuki (Japanese VA), Suzie Yeung (English VA), and Shandy Ma (Chinese VA).
The Voices of The Star Named Eos

Explore Hand-drawn panoramic spaces

  • Interact with a beautiful hand-drawn world.
  • Enjoy highly detailed panoramic scenery.

Puzzle your way towards the truth

  • Discover puzzles and items hidden in the panoramic scenery
  • Uncover the truth with engaging puzzles that tickle your brain just enough.


The Star Named EOS releases this summer for PS5, XSX, Switch, and PC via Steam. Keep reading here at RPGFan and witness more indie games in the spotlight!

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