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Boyhood’s End Begins Early Access September 6th

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The end of waiting for Boyhood’s End is in sight! Giovanni and Campenella’s journey on the galactic railroad begins via Steam Early Access on September 6th. The five chapters of this sci-fi horror adventure will release periodically throughout the game’s 10-month EA period.

Check out the game’s new “world view” trailer:

As previously mentioned, each chapter will be released gradually throughout the Early Access period like a serialized manga. Developer Bukiri Clock will take in feedback from the community and implement any changes they can for the game’s final version. The first episode comprises 20% of the overall story.

About Boyhood’s End

When does childhood end? Both humans and the inhuman will find the answer at the end of a cycle of fight and flight.

  • Solve puzzles and explore the world, depicted in hand-drawn pixel art
  • Watch beautifully animated conversations between the main characters
  • Join a young boy on his adventure and experience his story set in a hardcore sci-fi world

Boyhood’s End is a juvenile science fiction horror adventure game, in which the world is ruled by a mechanical overlord “R. Karellen”. Every aspect of every person’s life is rated with a “human score”, and R. Karellen decides everything from academic and professional careers, romantic interests, to one’s daily meals.

The protagonist, Giovanni, has the lowest human score among the entire human race. Every day, he receives “special treatment” for everything including his meals and classes. On top of that, he gets bullied relentlessly by his classmates at the School, both in real life and online.

But one day, everything and everyone in the school starts attacking Giovanni, trying to “remake” him and raise his human score by making him “more human”. A senior student, the famously eccentric genius Campanella, reaches out to Giovanni, and they hop onto (and take over) a driverless train on the galactic railroad. And so, Giovanni gets swept up in a journey to find the “Crimson Southern Cross”, located at the farthest edge of the universe.

On their journey, the boys will meet great leaders of the past and pull reckless and destructive “pranks” on them all. Through their encounters with the history, twisted mysteries, and various horrors of the world, they will eventually have to confront the end of their own childhood.

Stay tuned to RPGFan as Boyhood’s End develops and reaches its final form!

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