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Hookah Haze Exhales to Steam and Switch on July 11th

Screenshot of Hookah Haze, one of the RPGs coming this week

Where there’s smoke, there’s… hookah? Developer Acquire and publisher Aniplex are launching smoking bar-themed visual novel Hookah Haze on July 11th. If you want to take a puff a month early, a demo will launch for PC via Steam on June 11th.

Take a peek at the hookah bar action in the latest trailer below:

If you’re afraid of running into spoilers in the demo, fear not! The demo for Hookah Haze contains a completely original story separate from the main game.

Learn more about the newest hookah lounge in Akihabara from the game’s Steam description:

Hookah Haze Overview

It’s the year 2xxx. On the outskirts of Akihabara, a new hookah lounge opens its doors to customers. Welcome to Hookah Haze!

Before long, the rookie manager Toru Sumiki notices that socializing with the lounge’s peculiar clientele has begun to change them.

Tobacco flavor recommendations on social media affect who visits the lounge, weaving the twists of the story nudged in this or that direction by the choices the protagonist makes in the course of relaxed late-night conversations with the customers.


“Anything you want to try doing?”

The protagonist, Toru Sumiki, loses the will to live after being diagnosed with a fatal illness. Toru’s doctor insists they should make the most of the little time they have left, and they sign on as a temporary manager of a hookah lounge.

Through this new job, Toru meets three very unusual girls. Although cheerful at a glance, they’re battling with work problems or past trauma, searching for a place to belong. As Toru begins to bond with them through hookah, what will they find once the girls fully open up?

Along with Steam, Hookah Haze will also launch for Nintendo Switch. The game supports English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info on this game and more visual novels!

Hookah Haze Screenshots

Source: Gematsu

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