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Filipino-Made Until Then Launches June 25th

Until Then Screenshot

Following a decision to delay the game from May 23rd, developer Polychroma Games has locked in Until Then for June 25th. The narrative adventure will debut for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. A playable demo is available on Steam.

Until Then shows the day-to-day life of a typical high school student residing in the streets of Manila. The game draws heavy inspiration and elements from Filipino culture and features many locations recreated from real life. The visuals are presented in a 2.5D pixel art style in the same vein as A Space for the Unbound. Check out the synopsis and screenshots below for an overview of what to expect from this ten-person studio’s slice-of-life title.

Until Then Overview

In a world still recovering from catastrophe, Mark Borja and his friends navigate the joys and woes of another year of high school. Wake up in a typical teenage bedroom, practice piano, race to meet homework deadlines, and build (and burn) relationships, as you reminisce about the daily insecurities of high school life.

That is, until a fateful meeting sets off a chain reaction, upending Mark’s life. People disappear and memories prove unreliable. Uncover a hidden truth with Mark and his friends in this narrative adventure and race to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.

Play Out Your Own Adventure

Meet a diverse and achingly familiar cast of characters to converse with in person, over text, and through email. Get to know them, build relationships, flunk group projects, and watch how their individual personal stories unfold alongside yours.

Investigate the Setting through Everyday Technology

Explore the depths of social media where your likes and comments may pose consequences. Scroll through social posts, emails, webpages, and more on your in-game smartphone, where you might discover hints and clues about the people and world around you. Chat with your friends, classmates, and even strangers.

Explore Themes of Love, Loss, and Friendship

Tackle philosophical issues as the main character. Make mistakes and difficult choices. Will Mark stand up for his friends and be there when they need him or will he let them down? Can he heal his wounds by letting go of the past? Decide for yourself how Mark grows and strives to do better throughout the story.

Play Addictively Mundane Minigames

Insert a flash drive—oh wait, wrong way—nope, it was right the first time. Fight your friend for more fishballs at the food stand outside. Get in the groove to pay for the jeepney. Lose yourself in little games you find yourself playing in everyday life.

Immerse Yourself in a Cinematic Visual Experience

Witness an intriguing narrative uniquely presented in eye-catching hand-drawn pixel art and immerse yourself in the warm colors and music of a world trying to move on from tragedy. Characters, landscapes, and props blend in 3D. Shadows, reflections, and lighting set the tone in a lovingly crafted experience.

Experience a World Inspired by Philippine Locations and Culture

Traverse Philippine-inspired landscapes in search for the truth. From the heart of the bustling capital to long bus rides past grass fields and coast towns, explore the world of Until Then set in a fictional version of the Philippines. Interior spaces are shaped by the mannerisms of the locals, setting the scene for a recent past.

Until Then Media

As a Filipina, I’m both proud to see my fellow creators showcasing their talent and curious as to how they depict our culture to a wider audience.

Until Then launches on June 25th worldwide for PS5 and PC via Steam. Keep checking back here at RPGFan for more stunning pixel-art indie titles!

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