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New Grifford Academy Trailer Shown at Guerrilla Showcase

Grifford Academy art of three teens, wielding a katana, hockey stick, and book, respectively

LandShark Games released a new story based trailer for their upcoming turn-based graphic adventure Grifford Academy, which is set to be released later in 2024 for PC via Steam, with a demo available now.

This one’s got the makings of everything that catches our eye here around this time of year. Cool art style? Check. Interactive story and gameplay? Check. Main character wields a hockey stick for a weapon!? Oh yeah, now we’re talking.

The Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2024 was a downright bonanza of content, and we’re just getting started. Below you can find the trailer that was part of yesterday’s event, plus an overview of the game via Media Indie Exchange.

Grifford Academy Overview

Grifford Academy is a story-rich, coming-of-age RPG set in a mystical book realm where your decisions shape the personalities of the characters. Engage in strategic turn-based combat as you set out to discover the secrets of Caldria.


  • In this heartwarming and empowering coming-of-age RPG, explore the young minds of a group of ragtag friends as they uncover magic, mayhem, monsters, and find themselves along the way.
  • Join Erika, Viva and Cap as you thoughtfully equip your party, increase their skills and level up your combat effectiveness as you set out to rescue lost friends and put an end to the evil within the book of Caldria.
  • Immerse yourself in a rich and compelling story about a group of complicated yet relatable teenagers where they learn to nurture and value one another’s strengths. Read along with a unique dialogue flow that allows players to engage at their own pace.
  • Grifford Academy is an RPG created with accessibility in mind; with no steep learning curve and an intuitive combat system. Battle dark forces in strategic turn-based combat as you set out to rescue the friends who need your help. Play along with ease in Story Mode, or challenge yourself as the developers intended in Strategy Mode.
  • Explore the mystical book realm of Caldria filled with menacing creatures and otherworldly discoveries. Make decisions that will impact on the personality flaws they possess, and play a critical role as to who the characters become and how they engage in battle.

Grifford Academy is set to release later in 2024 on PC via Steam.

Grifford Academy Images

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