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Neon Blood Introduces Ruby Emerald & Physical Edition, Coming 2024

Neon Blood screenshot of a black man in a neon-lined trenchcoat running down a gritty street at night, littered with trash and neon lights

Publishers Meridiem and Astrolabe Games have provided a new trailer for adventure game Neon Blood that aired during the recent Guerilla Collective Showcase, showcasing new character Ruby Emerald and details on a limited edition physical release.

Neon Blood is a cyberpunk RPG graphic adventure, with a neo-noir story dealing with corruption and mystery. Set to release in late 2024, the game can be wishlisted now on Steam and PlayStation, and soon on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. European players can look forward to a Limited Edition available in specialist retail stores that includes a metallic texture cover, an art book, a printed city guide, and a downloadable soundtrack.

Below you can find the aforementioned trailer that was part of the Guerilla Collective Showcase, as well as an overview of the game via Steam:

Year 2053, the world as we know it came to an end in a war lost in time. Now, only inequality remains, in the form of Viridis, the great city that encompasses the dangerous Blind City and the luxurious Bright City.

Axel McCoin, once a police detective, will become the key piece to unmask a whole plot of corruption and power that plagues the unstable peace of Viridis. Experience the stories of the city and its inhabitants, accompanying Axel in his mission to overthrow the established order and demolish the foundations of this corrupt society.

Neon Blood Images

Neon Blood does not yet have a release date, but is coming to PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. As of this writing, it can be wishlisted on Steam and PS, with other platforms coming soon.

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