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Petal Runner Sports Eye-Catching Game Boy Color Visuals

Artwork of Petal Runner

Welcome to Sapphire Valley!

The latest from publisher iam8bit Presents (Escape Academy) and developer Nano Park Studios, Petal Runner, drops players into a Game Boy Color-like 2D open world. Players join Cali and Kira as they explore the sun-soaked city full of deliveries to make, minigames to play, and new friends to meet.

Check out the latest trailer below as part of the tweet from the iam8bit Presents Twitter/X account, as well as an overview of the game via Steam and some cute screenshots!

Petal Runner Overview

Petal Runner is a coming-of-age story set in a cyberpunk-inspired, pixel-art-powered open world.

In the city of Sapphire Valley, an emerging energy product derived from flowers — the Leap Cell — powers the newest generation of artificial pet technology, called HanaPets.

Leap Cells are delivered by specialized motorcycle couriers who undergo an extensive training program to become Petal Runners.

Take on the role of Cali and team up with first-generation HanaPet Kira as they embark on a journey of self-discovery to join the storied ranks of the Petal Runner …and unravel an unexpected mystery along the way.

Welcome To Sapphire Valley

Sapphire Valley is a diverse metropolis with TONS of sights to see and people to meet. There’s a big world out there for you to explore, and it’s up to YOU to decide what you want to see, and when you want to see it.

The open world of Sapphire Valley is filled with charming characters, side adventures, fresh minigames, and more.

Petal Runner is a love letter to the chunky, friendly pixels of the Game Boy Color era. Each district is brimming with its own personality, complete with a unique mood and color palette.

There might even be something good hiding in the tall grass!

Hop On Your Bike!

Don’t let the Game Boy Color-inspired visuals fool you: We’re serious about our bikes around here!

Cali’s motorcycle has been tested and fine-tuned endlessly, built to be satisfying, intuitive, and responsive to riders of all skill levels.

Embark across the highways and back roads of the city as you plan your routes and make your deliveries on time, every time.

Diverse Minigames

Becoming a Petal Runner is hard work, but it’s also a blast. Train with a group of quirky Mentors and learn new courier skills as you encounter the various Petal Runner branches across Sapphire Valley’s districts. Each Mentor brings their own unique stories – and minigames!

Complete your training and make your deliveries and you’ll earn Certification Badges – collect ‘em all, and you can try your hand at the fabled Prosperity Badge!

Wholesome Storytelling

The friendship between Cali and Kira is the heart of Petal Runner. As the summer of adolescence gives way to the autumn of adulthood, the two childhood pals embark on a journey together to pursue their passions and find their place in the world as Petal Runners.

Enjoy a gripping and emotional (but still cozy and fun!) story inspired by classic 90’s anime with Petal Runner’s main campaign.

HanaPets Leash Technology

HanaPets are your personal pals!

Kira lives in Cali’s HanaPets Leash, a handheld keychain device that offers hard-light functionality! Wow!

But HanaPets are more than just friends. They’re excellent day planners, spirited companions, and always, always the life of the party.

Still, Generation 1 models are becoming more and more difficult to service due to the scarcity of their outdated battery design…and the powerful corporation behind the HanaPets technology is all about progress…

Petal Runner has yet to receive a release date, but can be wishlisted for PC via Steam today.

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