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WayForward Talks Clock Tower: Rewind Ahead of Fall Launch

Artwork of Clock Tower: Rewind

During the recent Guerrilla Collective Showcase, developer WayForward shared some behind-the-scenes insights on Clock Tower: Rewind, a re-release of the seminal point-and-click survival horror game Clock Tower.

In a short video (below), Joe Modzeleski, development director for publishing partner Limited Run Games, discusses the decidedly measured approach taken when bringing this game to modern platforms, with an emphasis on the preservation of the original visuals and core gameplay experience that was so influential to Clock Tower‘s often more lauded successors such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Modzeleski does, however, highlight critical enhancements such as an official localization and quality of life additions such as save states and a limited rewind feature.

Clock Tower: Rewind is due out digitally this fall for Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 & 4, and PC via Steam. For those interested in a physical release, pre-orders are open now over at LRG, including for some really nice-looking collector’s editions.

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Claton Stevenson

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