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Arranger: A Role Puzzling Adventure Sorts Out New Trailer, Release Date

Arranger: A Role Puzzling Adventure artwork of Jemma running across a spherical surface

Developer Furniture & Mattress provided a new trailer for their upcoming game, Arranger: A Role Puzzling Adventure, as well as a July 25th release date, during Friday’s Day of the Devs.

In Arranger: A Role Puzzling Adventure, players take control of Jemma, a small-town kid who doesn’t fit in and decides to head out on a journey to discover herself. You’ll quickly find that when you move Jemma, the world moves with her, and it’s up to the player to help her navigate these twists and turns in a world predominately ruled by fear and an immovable force called “static.”

Check out the latest trailer below for Arranger: A Role Puzzling Adventure, some comments from the developers, and the most recent screenshots of this adorable little puzzle solver:

Fans of the co-founders’ previous individual titles (Braid, Carto, Ethereal) can look forward to David Hellman’s expressive art, Nick Suttner’s whimsical writing, and Nico Recabarren’s clever puzzle designs, supported by Tomás Batista’s stirring soundtrack. By playing to these strengths, the team has crafted a central concept that seamlessly blends art, narrative, and gameplay. Players will explore a world that exists entirely on an interconnected gameplay “grid”, which presents regular opportunities to feature and subvert the unique movement mechanics across the story, combat, and exploration.

“Arranger could have been purely a stage-based puzzle game, or a dialog-driven visual novel, or even a comic book. But it’s all those things in a unique and unprecedented format. Hence why it was necessary to coin a new genre designation, ‘role-puzzling’,” says co-founder David Hellman.

“For the art, the particularities of the puzzle design and story inspired me to invent a new visual format. The world scenery is complemented by floating comic panels which highlight subjectivity and emotion, from horizon vistas to close-up details. These divergent “viewpoint shards” were only possible because the gameplay grid is so regular, and because there is a narrative to build visuals around. Tomás’ score was a huge inspiration to me as I was drawing as well, capturing the whimsical and sometimes mysterious heart of this world. Players can see how all these elements combine into something cool and original in the game’s opening scenes which we’re offering in the demo.”

Arranger was also the first game to receive financial support from Carina Initiatives, a philanthropic foundation, which has since funded publisher Astra Logical.


  • Unique, interconnected gameplay “grid” that snappily unites movement, combat, and exploration.
  • A story-driven adventure about a small-town misfit on a journey of self-discovery.
  • A breezy RPG without XP or inventory to manage, where everything is handled in-world.
  • A nicely-sized campaign with some optional challenges, and various assist options so that you only get as stuck as you want to be.
  • Debut game from an all-star development team, featuring the artist behind Braid.

Arranger: A Role Puzzling Adventure releases July 25th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Windows and macOS (via Steam and Epic Games Store) for $19.99 USD. Netflix subscribers can play the game free on that same date on iOS or Android.

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