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Nova Hearts Future of Play Trailer Highlights Official Character Gameplay

Nova Hearts screenshot of Luce's alter-ego, Luck in an abstract white space and laser shooting from her chest

The latest trailer for Lightbulb Crew’s upcoming game, Nova Hearts, was featured during Future of Play 2024 highlighting official character gameplay.

Nova Hearts contains turn-based combat elements as well as dating simulation mechanics that directly affect the kinds of combos you can use in combat. On a personal note, this has been an eye-opening weekend for me (someone relatively new to these industry showcases) in many, many ways, but it is so very cool that a game like Nova Hearts exists. [Editor’s Note: Especially when you compare the game, both stylistically and in terms of gameplay, to the devs’ previous title, Othercide!]

Check below for the trailer seen at the this weekends showcase, an overview of the game via Steam, as well as some of the latest screenshots:


Become a superhero in your hometown, TEXT, DATE and FIGHT in this turn-based combat dating adventure.

Express your relationships with strategic turn-based combat

Transform into your cosmic alter-egos and utilize your unique powers to battle enemies from another dimension. Using the time-line feature, plan and set up attacks and combos with your team of super powered allies, then unleash your embodied emotions on enemies to do immense damage to them! Work together using combos to really maximize your strategy and unlock new powers as you grow to take down supervillains and their goons.

Unique romance system

Frienimies? Rivalovers? Friends with benefits? First love? Explore a variety of relationships with civilians, friends and villains! Text, talk, date and decide how to grow your connections with others. Gain affection, approval and dislike through your choices and see how it affects your bonds in the narrative and unlocks new combos in combat.

Connect to the world

Your phone is a lifeline to your community and to your powers! Gain insight into the world, your town and your connections through a collection of apps in the phone interface. See how your relationships are growing, develop your magical skills and get the latest gossip in town.

Discover the cosmic mystery of your powers

When returning to your home town, you don’t expect things to be much different than when you left but now, you and other hot singles in the area have transformed into heroes and villains! Reconnect with old friends, meet new ones and pursue the strange origins of the new cosmic madness prowling the streets. Where did this come from? Why did this happen? And why is everyone so incredibly hot now!?

Nova Hearts is expected this fall on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. But if you want to test out the first chapter, you can download the demo on Steam today.

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