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Battle Suit Aces Brings Mechas, Orchestral Bombast & Card Battling To The Stars

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Trinket Studios has announced Battle Suit Aces, its second project following the acclaimed Battle Chef Brigade. Instead of cooking up beasties to compete, Battle Suit Aces looks to fuse the aesthetics of mecha anime with deckbuilding and social sim RPG mechanics to make a stylish whole. Check out its announcement trailer below!

In Battle Suit Aces, players will captain and command a ship of mecha pilots as they travel across the galaxy beset by an omnipresent threat known as the Frenzied. During that journey, players will have the opportunity to grow closer to over 50 unique characters, and their choices dictate exactly how the story plays out. Whether gaining information on the Frenzied, working for various Factions, or gaining resources to upgrade their Battle Suits (mechas), every choice matters and brings players to an eventual unique end. Combat is dictated by 5v5 card battles where players can contend against enemies with Battle Suits that can be modified to suit both a player’s playstyle and the situation at hand. For a deeper synopsis of what you can expect from Battle Suit Aces, check out below.

Battle Suit Aces Overview

Lead a Ragtag Crew In This Card Battling RPG

As the Captain of the USS Zephyr, hunt for clues to turn the tide against the Frenzied swarm in this narratively-driven card-battling RPG. Get to know more than 50 fully voiced charming characters as you uncover their rich lives and learn what makes them tick. Directly impact the game’s narrative and cultivate a personalized adventure by strengthening your relationships with various Factions and their pilots. Each group features particular suit specialities with which you can construct your ideal deck and playstyle.

Craft Mesmerizing Mecha Battle Suits to Fend Off Enemies

Upgrade your mechs and ship as you play, empowering you to defend against ruthless enemies in streamlined and mesmerizing 5 on 5 battles. Using spare parts and raw materials, construct Mods to augment your Battle Suits, as the cards themselves are your crew members. Then upgrade your ship’s hull by utilizing the Pilot Placement System, which lets you confer bonuses to slots and the cards that occupy them. Strategically enact your vision for your ship and your crew to lead them to victory.

Bond with Crew Members & Form Lasting Friendships

Between the plot-driven missions you’ll form lasting friendships with your crew. Will you help a crew member resolve a familial issue, continue the hunt for alien Relic suits, or decide to work with your favorite Faction to gain their favor and aid?

A Charming World to Exist In

Enter into the hand-crafted Battle Suit Aces world, with thoughtful and stylish characters prepared to dazzle. With charming, vibrant art reminiscent of your favorite anime, and an orchestral soundtrack, prepare to explore and get lost in the whimsically warm atmosphere.

Battle Suit Aces Screenshots

Battle Suit Aces is also being funded by Outersloth, an independent development fund established by Innersloth, developers of Among Us. Outersloth acts as a sustainable alternative to traditional methods of funding. Developers underneath its umbrella will retain their IP and autonomy throughout development, which is very, very cool.

As someone who enjoys deckbuilding games, the orchestra, and handcrafted social-sim RPGs, it’s almost as if Battle Suit Aces has been made to strike directly into the heart of my gaming tastes. I can’t be alone in that Venn diagram, so for players also interested, you can wishlist it via its Steam page.

Battle Suit Aces will be released for PC on Steam. No word has been given on its official release date.

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