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Life is Strange: Double Exposure Stars an Adult Max Caulfield

Life is Strange: Double Exposure Screenshot

At the recent Xbox Games Showcase, developer Deck Nine and publisher Square Enix revealed the newest entry in the long-running adventure game series: Life is Strange: Double Exposure. This newest entry stars an adult Max Caulfield, the first game‘s original protagonist.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store on October 29th, with a Nintendo Switch port to be announced at a later date.

It was indicated in the trailer for Life is Strange: Double Exposure (above) that Max can now see two parallel timelines. Although the events in the two timelines are similar, her friend Safi dies in one timeline but is still alive in the other. As Max, players will have to figure out how to crack the mystery and prevent a murder from happening.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure Overview

Max Caulfield, photographer-in-residence at the prestigious Caledon University, discovers her closest new friend, Safi, dead in the snow.


To save her, Max tries to Rewind time – a power she’s not used in years… instead, Max opens the way to a parallel timeline where Safi is still alive, and still in danger!

Max realizes the killer will soon strike again – in both versions of reality.

With her new power to Shift between two timelines – can Max solve and prevent the same murder?


Max is thrust into a thrilling supernatural murder mystery – more dangerous than ever before!


Forge allies and pursue suspects across two versions of reality, shaping both timelines through unforgettable choices.


A relentless detective has Max in his sights, and Safi’s killer grows closer with every clue uncovered. Can Max survive long enough – to do the impossible?


Explore two versions of a vivid winter campus, each packed with clues, secrets, and tough decisions.


A rich original score, new songs, and thrilling licensed tracks!

Preorder Details

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be sold in Standard ($49.99 USD), Deluxe ($59.99), and Ultimate ($79.99) editions. Players can now place digital orders through Steam and the Xbox Store. Information regarding physical preorders, including the Collector’s Edition, will be revealed in a livestream set to air on June 13th 12PM ET/ 9AM PT.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure Editions


Life is Strange: Double Exposure releases on October 29th for PS5, XSX, and PC. On July 13th, more details about this game’s forthcoming release will be revealed on the Life is Strange YouTube channel.

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