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Project DOSA Promises Mechs, Marvellous Meals, & Much More

Project Dosa screenshot showcasing a stylised lake where a two-legged mech is fishing with seagulls flying around it.

Outerloop Games announced its newest title, Project DOSA, during the start of Summer Game Fest 2024. The game promises a vibrant and colourful adventure anchored in the relationship between two sisters, their spirit-mech, and bringing marvellous meals to local communities. It is set to release on both PC and console in 2026. Check out a brief teaser below!

The announcement of Project DOSA came alongside the newly revealed Outersloth—a new sustainable indie development fund created by Innersloth, the developers of Among Us. Chandana Ekanayake, studio and creative director for Outerloop, praised the existence of Outersloth, stating “It’s great to see other non-traditional funding options for indie games. Outersloth has been a wonderful partner.”

Project DOSA will have players join sisters Samara and Amani as they journey through a fully realised 3D world in an upgradeable mech suit. They will reconnect with estranged loved ones and repair those relationships with lovingly crafted meals, conversations, and narrative turn-based combat. For a deeper overview of the game, feel free to read below:

From Outerloop Games comes Project Dosa, a game about life, love and loss. Join sisters Samara and Amani as they eat the world and taste everything life has to offer. Reunite with the people you love, defeat the forces of capitalism (metaphorically) and eat one last meal before saying goodbye.


Journey across a vibrant world to reconnect with estranged friends and family. Battle them in fantastical turn-based narrative combat to reconcile past hurts and open up the possibilities of friendship and love. Grow your bonds with them over time.


Food is more than fuel – it’s community, culture, history, shared memories. Discover new recipes through exploration and conversation, and cook for friends, family and local communities to heal rifts and reconcile relationships.


Discover and shape your spirit-mech’s mechanical and fantastical abilities as you traverse the world, cook and battle together.

Project DOSA Artwork & Screenshots

It heartens me that Project DOSA is being funded outside the traditional methods of publishing with the help of Outersloth. A greater focus on sustainable development and the system in which those games are funded is necessary, and I believe that this is a wonderful step towards that reality.

Project DOSA is set to release in 2026 for consoles and PC. Interested players can wishlist via its official Steam page.

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