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Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses Flaunts Story, Deckbuilding at Future of Play

Screenshot of Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses

Swedish developer Studio Malosi showed up at this year’s Future of Play showcase to reveal one of its debut titles: Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses.

Billed as a story-rich card battler, Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses tasks players to upgrade their decks, enhance their abilities, and make powerful allies to keep their home from sinking into the sands forever.

Find the Future of Play trailer, an overview of the game via Steam, and some of the latest screenshots below!

Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses Overview

Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses is a card-based, story-rich RPG set on the mysterious Monolith, one of the few habitable places in the vast and unforgiving desert of Zamen. Usually, the Monolith upon which the City of Sandara is built, is asleep, appearing no different from a mountain. However, every eclipse, when the scorching desert hunger, the gray rock awakens, transforming into a gleaming blood-red jewel that feeds upon those who have not proved their worth

Go forth, youngling, and work your way upwards. Forge alliances, uncover the secrets of the strange desert world, and remain vigilant if you hope to witness the next eclipse.

Build Your Deck. Enhance Your Skills.

Influenced by deck-builders, Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses uses cards to provide players with a captivating and immersive adventure. Craft cards corresponding to your personality type and play them on the field to earn experience, money, and resources. Chart new areas and complete quests to combine cards and make your deck stronger.

Cultivate Relationships

The City of Sandara houses characters from three districts – Barren, Midway, and Sanctuary – each with its own distinct characteristics. In one district, lush plants flow from glass balconies, while residents face scarcity and barter for necessities in another. Which path will you choose? Who will you side with? Your destiny awaits, influenced by the companions you select.

Dispatch Expeditions Into The Desolate

Venture further and free yourself and the people of Sandara from the ties of the slowly sinking Monolith. Unveil uncharted territories and reveal long-forgotten secrets.

Unveil The Mysteries Of The Eclipse

Soon, you will uncover your special gift: the language of children – Minortongue, which remains with you even after mastering Elderspeech. Delve into the mysteries of the Monolith, where the souls of departed children seem to linger on in the city.

Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses does not currently have a release date, but can be wishlisted on Steam. Those with grander ambitions might consider signing up for the closed beta, also available on Steam.

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