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Souls-like Side-Scroller Mandragora Gets Deep Dive at Future Games Show

Artwork of Mandragora

Publisher Marvelous Europe and developer Primal Game Studio offered a deep dive into their latest project, Mandragora, during this weekend’s Future Games Show 2024.

What is Mandragora? Well, you’ve heard of 2D side scrollers and 3D Souls-likes, but have you ever stopped to consider what a 2.5D side-scroller, Souls-like, action-RPG, and Metroidvania would look like smashed together? Neither have we! [Editor’s Note: Until now!]

Below, you can check out the latest trailer for what Primal Game Studio is calling their “most ambitious game to date.” You’ll also find an overview of Mandragora via Steam, and some “2.5D screenshots” (whatever that means).

Mandragora Overview

Mankind has surrendered the world to the monsters. The people of Faelduum hide away behind walls of brick and palisades of ignorance, constructed by their leaders. Joy and delight are coveted jewels, out of reach of the masses. This is not the world you were promised. Travel by night and take it back.

Journey through a world in decline, slowly falling prey to the damaging effects of Entropy. Fight vicious creatures, challenge nightmarish bosses, meet new allies, enemies, and every shade in-between, and make harsh moral choices. There are many paths worth taking. Choose yours.

Enjoy a rare combination of 2.5D side-scrolling levels and skill-driven combat that deals punishment and reward in equal brutal measure. From the leering Caretaker to the Vampires of Braer Island, face ruthless foes and uniquely horrifying bosses that will make or break you.

Get lost in a rich and atmospheric world brought to life by timeless painterly art direction and the epic twisted music of Christos Antoniou. Discover every detail with Metroidvania exploration, tearing down crumbling walls, utilizing new skills such as ground strike, and scaling buildings with your grappling hook.

Acquire the legendary Witch Lantern and enter the otherworldly plane of Entropy through tears in the fabric of reality. Make devastating choices in a sinister and immersive story by Brian Mitsoda, writer of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

From Vanguard to Heretic, master one of multiple unique classes and customize your skills and powers through a deep and satisfying character development system. Find Artisans to join your Caravan and unlock new upgrades, and craft powerful weapons, armor and trinkets to help you die less and deal death faster. And when all is said and done, restart stronger and wiser with new difficulty levels in New Game Plus.

Mandragora is scheduled for release later in 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Whether it’s 2D or 3D, side-scrolling or top-down, or first- or third-person, you can bet that we’ve got someone on RPG news Check the main page for all the latest, and pop back often to catch up on all the things you might have missed!

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