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SacriFire Lights Up Summer Showcase Once Again

SacriFire Artwork of a diverse cast of characters including a boy with a glowing purple sword and a girl with a pet baby pterodactyl.

For those of us that have come to know this time of year as “Not-E3”, SacriFire has become a staple tease. Just ask our resident reviewer Audra Bowling, who covered the game on back-to-back June 11ths (2022 and 2023).

The bad news? Another summer gaming showcase has come and gone (Future Games Show 2024) and Sacrifire is still just that: a “future” game.

The good news? Pixelated Milk (Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs) is now accepting applications on Steam to playtest SacriFire, so surely there has to be a game on the horizon there somewhere… right?

Unfortunately, fans can do little else for now but take in the new trailer (below), refresh themselves with an overview of the game (via Steam), and think positive as they gaze longingly at a bevy of screenshots.

SacriFire Overview

SacriFire is an upcoming RPG, inspired by the 90s titles that began our love affair with gaming.

Key Features

  • Dynamic battles – Our combat engine merges real-time and turn-based styles to provide a fluid experience that is both challenging and satisfying. Fight alongside companions, choose from multiple weapons, and string attacks together to create elaborate combos.
  • High-quality presentation – Employing both pixel art and 3D graphics allows us to combine retro-style graphics with innovative digital effects wizardry. Hand-drawn and animated characters blend seamlessly with 3D-modeled environments.
  • Moral complexity – SacriFire’s original story aims to both respect and subvert the standard RPG tropes, so although you’ll feel right at home with our cast of lovable characters, you’ll never know what to expect next!
  • A tale of two worlds – Travel between the sprawling subterranean city of Antioch and the idyllic spirit paradise of Erebus in a well-developed game universe which includes elements of both fantasy and science-fiction.
  • Elaborate gameplay systems – Adopt diverse combat disciplines, craft weapons, solve puzzles and tackle imaginative dungeons.
  • Original Music and professional voice acting – A brand new soundtrack composed by G4F and the legendary Motoi Sakuraba. The talented Sound Cadence Studios bring SacriFire’s memorable cast to life!

SacriFire, when it ever does finally release, is planned for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

Okay, there are literally a hundred “fire puns” we could choose from, so pick the one you like and then “hot potato” on over to the RPGFan main page, where we have the rest of the news you need to know from all the biggest showcases.

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