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Wuxia RPG Fate Seeker II Coming to PS5; Steam Version to Get Localized

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Chinese martial arts-themed action RPG Fate Seeker II will be released for the PlayStation 5 on July 4th, with its previously untranslated Steam version to receive an English translation on the same day. Developer Niugamer and publisher JSL Entertainment shared the release date via a video on the PlayStation Asia YouTube channel (below).

Fate Seeker II Details

The storyline of Fate Seeker II tells the tale of Zhuge Yu, a rebellious youth, whose unwavering determination guides him through challenging paths of growth and rebellion. Zhuge Yu lost his parents when he was young. Fueled by the sad loss of his family, his heart burns with a strong sense of justice. Inspired by his parents’ bravery against corruption, he promises to make villains pay for what they did. Honoring his ancestors’ good deeds, Zhuge Yu is determined to cleanse the land of corruption, confronting dishonest officials.

The Ink-Stained Judge’s Pen, the Sword-Wielding Youth

In the game, players become Zhuge Yu and experience exciting main storylines and interesting side quests. Players need to carefully gather clues, search for various traces, and secrets step by step to uncover mysteries. As the plot thickens, players engage in interactive debates with a diverse cast of characters, ultimately peeling away layers of deception to expose the truth concealed beneath the surface. Beyond the main narrative, players traverse the expansive martial world, embarking on quests fueled by rumors and intrigue.

Moreover, while exploring the adventurous world of Jianghu, pay attention and explore skillfully, using different techniques like “Show”, “Thrust”, “Ignite” and “Destroy” to uncover rumor-driven side quests. Player’s actions and decisions can lead to different outcomes, bringing surprises and igniting your sense of adventure and curiosity.

Supreme Mastery: Reaching the Peak of Martial Arts

Embark on a journey through a martial art cultivation system renowned for its boundless flexibility and liberty. With over 20 martial arts techniques combined with the Eight Trigrams skill tree, you can create your path of skill expertise. Featuring hundreds of interchangeable combat skills, the game offers numerous ways to master martial arts.

The real-time combat mechanics blend free-form attack combinations and switching between martial arts styles, providing you with more tactical choices when facing enemies. The cool moves and satisfying strikes offer an exciting and immersive combat experience!

Martial Realm Adventure: Finding Freedom in Settling Debts and Seeking Justice

The highly open-ended world offers limitless exploration opportunities, facilitated by seamless map designs making it easy to traverse between places without waiting. In this expansive martial arts world, players can freely wander, explore without constraints, replay favor, and settle grudge as they see fit. They can visit old pavilions, busy markets, and beautiful landscapes like mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas. Players can make friends with martial heroes and companions, creating a big martial arts world. While exploring, players can do fishing, play Go game, or fireside cooking. They can also buy buildings from merchants and make money from renting out land for a serene and comfortable life.

Fate Seeker II Screenshots

Fate Seeker II has been available via Steam since Nov 2021 but only with Traditional and Simplified Chinese language options. This PS5 release will be the first in the series to receive the English localization treatment. Fate Seeker II has been positively received on Steam — at least by Chinese players — currently holding “Very Positive” status from nearly 11,000 reviews.

We here at RPGFan love to see games like Fate Seeker II move out of their countries of origin and expand their player base beyond borders. Translations like this are so important to maintain a diverse and vibrant RPG scene for players across the world. Stay tuned to RPGFan to get news reviews and features about RPGs from across the globe.

Source: Gematsu

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