Aleks Franiczek

Features Writer

Aleks Franiczek

Aleks is a Features writer and apparently likes videogames enough to be pursuing a PhD focused on narrative design and the philosophy of player experience. When not overthinking games he also enjoys playing them, and his favorite genre is “it’s got some issues, but it’s interesting!”

Favourite Games/Series

Final Fantasy (VI), Dragon Quest (V), Dark Souls (I), Mother (3), Metal Gear Solid (2+3), The Legend of Zelda (Majora's Mask), Disco Elysium, Undertale, Fallout: New Vegas, Red Dead Redemption II, KOTOR II, Street Fighter III: Third Strike

Favourite Genres

RPGs (broadly defined), Action, Fighters, 2D Platformers, any game that tries something interesting narratively

Misc Interests

Literature, Movies, Philosophy, Hip-Hop, Boxing

Time at RPGFan

January 2023–Present

Where I'm From

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada