Anthony Krolikowski

Audio Editor

Anthony Krolikowski

Anthony Krolikowski works as an Audio Editor for RPGFan and as a News Photographer for WTEN Albany. The Nintendo DS, Nintendo Power magazine and YouTube all played a big role as inspiration for this career path. Between recording breaking news and editing podcasts, Anthony breeds not-so-competitve Pokémon, tinkers with RPG Maker and falls off his skateboard while recommending everyone reads "Being in Love" by Osho. Being able to share information to those around him in entertaining formats is what makes Anthony's work feel rewarding and worthwhile. Being in front of the camera as a Reporter/Anchor personality is his goal.


Favourite Games/Series

Pokémon, Dragon Quest, Splatoon, League, Fire Emblem

Favourite Genres

Tacticals, Fighting, Shooter, Cozy games, RPGs (duh)

Misc Interests

Shopping, Photography, Books, Card and Board Games, Skateboarding

Time at RPGFan

July 2022–Present

Where I'm From

Albany, New York, USA

My Pronouns