Bradley Pearce

Former Media Contributor

Bradley Pearce

A game and music fan at the deepest levels, Bradley is well versed in media production. He handled media updates on RPGFan, and is a videographer in his professional life. And as sometimes happens with people who love music as much as he does, several years ago he started a band, Energy Tank. Find him on Bandcamp!

Favourite Games/Series

Xenogears/Saga/Blade, Chrono Trigger, Mother/Earthbound series, Tales of Symphonia, Mass Effect Series, Lufia 2, Grandia 2, Final Fantasy Series, Zelda Series, Metroid Series, Mega Man Series, Seiken Densetsu Series, Suikoden 1 & 2

Favourite Genres

RPG, Action/Adventure

Time at RPGFan

May 2010–May 2018