Kyle Kortvely

Twitch Host

Kyle Kortvely

A man with many voices, Kyle has been one of RPGFan's Twitch Hosts since 2017. Explosively spontaneous in personality, but genuinely meek overall, he spends his time building Gundam model kits, watching anime, and spending any moment he can be with his lovely, nerdy wife. Always fun to strike a conversation with, Kyle (aka The Beardless Wonder) imbues positivity and a bit of game-related frustration to all live streams!

Favourite Games/Series

Tales of Series, Final Fantasy (VI), Resident Evil (2), Fire Emblem (PoR), Xenosaga, Mana Series, Gundam, Ace Combat (5), Fallout, Devil May Cry (4), Valkyria Chronicles, Persona (4), Zelda, Mario, Kingdom Hearts (II), Legend of Dragoon, Star Ocean (2), MechWarrior (3), Chrono Trigger/Cross, Pokémon

Favourite Genres

RPGs, Survival Horror, Action, Platforming, Adventure, Mecha

Misc Interests

Gunpla (Gundam model kits), Audio Books, J-Rock/Pop, Photography, Technology, Party/Tabletop Games

Time at RPGFan

November 2017–Present

Where I'm From

Orlando, Florida