Matt Warner

Social Media Editor

Matt Warner

A college professor by day and a video game player by night. Somewhere in all of that, Matt likes food and music. Father of two wonderful cats and husband to an amazing wife. Matt can be quiet at first, but eventually can be a talker! Perhaps one day, he'll finish his doctorate...

Favourite Games/Series

Pokémon Mainline Series with anything Falcom related being a close second.

Favourite Genres

Of course RPGs, but specifically JRPGs. If I’m not playing RPGs though, I’m probably playing a management game or 4x/grand strat

Misc Interests

Being as my job relates to health, it’s going to be health-related topics. I also love sports and anything really related to St. Louis. I also collect vinyl records!

Time at RPGFan

May 2021–Present

Where I'm From

Effingham, IL

My Pronouns