Wes Iliff

Features Writer

Wes Iliff

Wes learned to read playing Dragon Warrior on the NES and they haven't stopped playing RPGs since. Through a superhero-esque origin story, they started writing like crazy and eventually ended up writing features at a site they'd been reading since high school, which was... some time ago. They love sharing the joy in whatever flawed masterpiece has caught their attention this week, usually to the captive audience of their spouse, children, and small menagerie of pets.


Favourite Games/Series

Shadow Hearts, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Shin Megami Tensei, Xenosaga, .hack, Suikoden, Dynasty Warriors, Final Fantasy, Tales of, too many more to count

Favourite Genres

RPGs, Warriors-style games, story-driven games, anything with more ambition than execution

Misc Interests

Tabletop RPGs, writing, cooking, sumo, making Gundam models, any way of consuming story

Time at RPGFan

December 2020-Current

Where I'm From

Iowa, USA

My Pronouns