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Catfunding Chronicles: Inspector Waffles – Early Days

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Campaign Ends: November 24
Platform: Windows, Game Boy Color (including emulators).

Hello RPG friends, and welcome to another installment of Catfunding Chronicles! Today’s cat-tastic gaming choice is Inspector Waffles: Early Days, a prequel to 2021’s Inspector Waffles, a point-and-click game. In an unexpected (yet exciting) departure from the original, this new installment takes the form of a top-down pixel adventure made for the Game Boy Color. Wow and Meow!

Don the trenchcoat of young Waffles, a novice inspector out to prove himself to his fellow felines. Meet a fantastic furry cast, including your partner Pancakes, a pro detective who easily outshines the dorks at the local police station. While a prequel to the first Inspector Waffles, you can play the games in any order, but fans of the original should keep a sharp eye out for familiar faces; maybe even that of your future nemesis!

Dip your tail into the crime-solving profession through five cases (one per chapter), including the tragic disappearance of a video game cartridge. Enjoy light point-and-click elements, question suspects and witnesses, look for clues, and solve puzzles in the game’s charming, animal-populated world. To wrap up a case, report back to Pancakes and answer some tricky questions about what you’ve learned to determine the criminal of the day!

Two anthropomorphic cats in front of a store called "Paw(n) Shop," depicted in pixel graphics.

Though Inspector Waffles: Early Days is being developed for Game Boy Color, options for Steam, itch, and various emulators will also be available. Many pledge tiers will include a physical GBC cartridge along with a stylish retro box, and backers can also get their paws on a Big Box version of the original Inspector Waffles PC game if they so choose. On that note, be sure to check out the initial game’s Steam page for a look at one of the cutest trailers I’ve seen. Featuring REAL cats!

This cat-tastic mystery adventure has recently hit its base funding target, with early stretch goals to add a new minigame and more. While awaiting the full release, you can crack the first case through a brief demo, playable on Game Boy emulators or on a physical system using a flashcart.

Cats and mysteries seem to go hand in hand; in a multi-cat household, you may never truly know which criminal mastermind knocked over your favorite mug or pulled down the curtains. Thankfully, you can sleep a bit easier knowing that Inspector Waffles’ own feline dilemmas have clear-cut answers. He’s a decent cat; let’s help him fight crime!

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

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