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Crowdfunding Chronicles: Arcadia Fallen II

Four of Arcadia Fallen II's main characters scheming inside a room full of books and knick knacks.

Campaign Ends: July 4th
Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Are you too cool for school? I’m certainly not, especially if it’s the magical school featured in today’s game of choice. Introducing¬†Arcadia Fallen II, the standalone follow-up to 2021’s¬†enchanting visual novel¬†from Galdra Studios. Taking place seven years after the events of the first game, this sequel brings a new cast and new mysteries to the developers’ magical, anime-styled universe.

It’s your senior year at Seven Winds Academy, and final exams are right around the corner. You and your fellow students are busy filling your brains with lecture material until a shocking secret buried within the school upends your entire semester. Trouble lies ahead for the Seven Winds and perhaps the entire magical world; what role will you and your companions play in the upcoming chaos?

Create your character, choose a magical role (a Mender, a Tinker, or an Illusionist), and get ready for class! While Arcadia Fallen II is a standalone adventure, you can choose to continue from many of the first game’s results during character creation; the developers may even include the option to import an old save file, though this has yet to be confirmed. Arcadia Fallen II‘s gameplay follows a traditional visual novel format with tone labels on dialogue choices, a handy feature returning from the original.

Mystery is in the air at Seven Winds Academy‚Ķand so is romance! Set your sights on one of five potential partners, including a non-binary Tinker with a habit of falling asleep in cupboards, and two competing singers (the nicer of which also has the better hair). Your own character’s gender won’t lock out any romance options, and you can avoid romance entirely if you prefer. Rest assured, you’ll make plenty of friends and allies during your school hours; you may even run into some familiar faces from days past!

After each chapter, take time off to relax and explore the school grounds. Check up on friends, listen to the latest gossip, and bump into some academically minded kitties. If small talk and random cats aren’t your style, you can always skip right back to the main story. Once nightfall arrives, sneak around the campus and avoid professors with the help of Ragnar, a¬†Pok√©mon-esque master of stealth. You never know what secrets (and possibly minigames) you’ll uncover once the sun goes down!

Arcadia Fallen II reached its campaign target on the very first day, with most of the initial funds going towards voice acting. The remaining stretch goals include a simple weather system and additional voice acting, while the already-reached community goals (such as fan art and social media likes) add even more fun gameplay bonuses, like adding Catherine as a romance option and dorm room and outfit customization.

Those familiar with¬†Arcadia Fallen‘s magical setting and crisp anime art will no doubt appreciate this new installment; it’s a sweet treat for returning fans while remaining easily accessible to a new audience. Start gathering your school supplies and spellbooks now: the new semester at Seven Winds Academy begins in Q4 2025! In the meantime, a demo is available now on¬†Arcadia Fallen II‘s Steam page¬†if you want to get a taste of the sequel early.

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

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