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Crowdfunding Chronicles: Chronique des Silencieux

Chronique des Silencieux screenshot - Main character confronting an old man in a study or lecture room.

Campaign Ends: June 26th
Platform: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

If you have an eye for detail, a love of European architecture, and an overwhelming urge to uncover family secrets, read on. From French studio Pierre Feuille comes Chronique des Silencieux, a challenging mystery adventure set in 1970s France, featuring stunning animated art, head-scratching detective work, and several disgruntled strangers to assist and/or irritate.

Step into the shoes (or better yet, put on the glasses) of plucky young Eugène Faury, runaway student and amateur detective. Your first big case centers on Victor Douslavon, a mysterious old university professor with a secret past. The elderly gentleman became eager to share his life story after a recent accident. He cannot do so himself for some reason and has enlisted his daughter Catherine to track you down. Discover the secrets of Professor Douslavon and other mysterious figures in the tight-lipped old man’s orbit!

The gameplay in Chronique des Silencieux borrows heavily from the discrepancy system in Papers, Please. However, fans of Ace Attorney, Tangle Tower, and point-and-click adventures will also find plenty to enjoy. Explore beautiful isometric environments based on real locations in Southern France, pick up enough documents to build a small library, and question a suspicious cast of characters. Combine and connect the text you come across to help build your case; once you’re confident that you’ve gathered enough information, confront the silent ones (aka LIARS). Prove your knowledge, catch inconsistencies, and bring out the truth!

Chronique des Silencieux screenshot - Main character and others in a police station.

The game’s beautiful visuals grabbed me immediately, with charming animated designs inspired by the works of Rémi Chayé, known for The Secret of Kells. On the musical side, the game’s audio features a wide range of influences, particularly French and Italian movie soundtracks from the ’60s and ’70s.

Chronique des Silencieux is well on its way to reaching its funding target, with stretch goals to be revealed soon. With its beautiful art and challenging gameplay, it’s certainly shaping up to be a unique addition to the detective genre. I have yet to visit France, but I’ll count this game as a little preview; hopefully, my future trip won’t involve interrogating weird old men.

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