Crowdfunding Chronicles

Crowdfunding Chronicles: Externus — Path of the Solari

Campaign Ends: June 18
Platform: Windows and Xbox One. Switch and PS4 versions are being looked into and may depend on stretch goals.

Hello, RPG friends! If you enjoy tabletop games and Japanese strategy classics such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea, I have some news for you! Based on a homebrew tabletop campaign, Externus — Path of the Solari is an upcoming strategy RPG full of sinister religious organizations, impressive comic book-style character art, and at least one anthropomorphic, spear-wielding corgi (though I’m secretly hoping there will be many, many more).

Our tale centers around the noble Osmond Steele and his sons, Alrik and Amante (none of them are corgis, unfortunately). A member of an ancient order called the Soldat Solari, Osmond is one of many individuals responsible for maintaining order in the world, and hopes to have his sons follow in his footsteps. Trouble enters their lives after an ill-fated encounter with the fanatical Monotheists, along with their leader Gabriel; a sinister figure well-known to both Osmond and the Soldat Solari. Meanwhile, another threat lurks in the shadows, appropriately named “The Abomination”…

Battles in Externus — Path of the Solari follow the tradition of Final Fantasy Tactics and other classic turn-based strategy RPGs, featuring fully 3D maps, elevation, and other environmental factors that may help or hinder you. I should warn you, the game does feature permadeath, and losing a character will have an impact on the storyline; perhaps even a positive impact, in some cases! Outside of battle, the game is presented as a Choose Your Own Adventure storybook with interactive maps, with multiple-choice questions to steer the narrative. Will your choices result in peace and harmony? Or does Fate have something more sinister in mind…?

Personally, I love seeing more turn-based strategy RPGs inspired by our PS1-era favorites. While the 3D graphics still look somewhat rough, most of the funds raised in this campaign will go towards the art. Additionally, in the spirit of tabletop RPGs, the community is encouraged to provide feedback during development; you can even try out a demo right now, featuring a prequel storyline and some content that will not be in the final game. In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing more of that adorable battle corgi. If I had things my way, every video game would feature a corgi.

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

Tina Olah is a features writer and occasional reviewer for RPGFan. She is also an illustrator, cosplayer, book hoarder, and personal servant to a really cool Shih Tzu. Tina is an avid fan of strange science fiction and fantasy worlds, and would like you to know that she spent a considerable amount of time making Paladin’s Quest fan art back in grade 7.