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Crowdfunding Chronicles: Food Devils

A woman with a whale's tail and Asian-style clothing runs through a burning forest in Food Devils.

Campaign Ends: June 3rd
Platform: Windows, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox.

I strongly believe that post-apocalyptic meal choices would make a cold Big Mac found between couch cushions seem like the pinnacle of both nutrition and taste, but Food Devils might prove me wrong. From the studio that brought you 2023’s Path of the Midnight Sun comes a delicious treat for strategy lovers: Food Devils, a lighthearted post-apocalyptic adventure mixing Fire Emblem-style tactics with restaurant management and roguelike exploration.

Civilization has fallen. Humanity has lost its place atop the food chain, punished by vengeful gods for failing to protect the natural world. Few modern comforts remain, and humans must ally with powerful Food Devils to survive. Life is cruel and good food is rare, yet there is hope: a single chef remains to reignite humanity’s tastebuds, and that chef is you! Open your restaurant, attract adventurers, and venture into the monster-filled wasteland to collect ingredients. A delicious life awaits with a Food Devil by your side!

Your restaurant is a much-needed sanctuary for foodies in this dangerous wasteland. Decorate it to your heart’s delight, and prepare delicious meals to attract real human adventurers who may help you on your outdoor excursions. Potential recruits belong to one of four character classes, though your most important party member will be your chosen Food Devil. Sign a diabolic contract to enhance your team’s stats and skills, add a unique touch to their costumes, and head out to explore!

Food Devils features a colorful roster of Devils to ally with (and possibly even romance or pair together), including a Vegan Devil clad in a beautiful rose-accented dress, a Fisher Devil to protect the oceans, and the handsome fatherly Dessert Devil with a penchant for sugary foods…oh my! Each Devil offers unique quests with special rewards, and both your dialogue and cooking choices will affect how they feel about you. All this delightful devilry will lead to one of multiple endings. Bon appetit!

Explore four biomes representing humanity’s sins against the environment, including a forest beset by endless flames and an eerie shoreline where strange plastic creatures roam. This is where the game’s roguelike elements come into play, as you’ll encounter different landmarks, battles, and treasures with each excursion. Combat takes place on an overhead grid, with stylish full-screen attack animations as seen in Fire Emblem and Shining Force. You’ll feel right at home if you like these classics!

While Food Devils hit its base funding target early, some amazing stretch goals are still available. These include a free update with fishing, farming, and a coffee shop, and another tier for the Smoking Hot DLC that introduces a new Devil and environment (along with more story). Meanwhile, note the VIP backer tiers, as they offer lifetime access to all of Studio Daimon’s games, including future releases!

Food Devils offers a glimmer of hope that a post-apocalyptic society will have more than rats and Cram to fulfill our dietary needs. I can’t wait to see the gourmet meals our fine establishment will offer, and I look forward to spending time with my new Devil companions, whether in battle against a popcorn-topped rodent or on a cozy little date. Society may be lost, but good food and good friends are right around the corner!

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

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