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Crowdfunding Chronicles: Mercury Abbey

Mercury Abbey screenshot - Main characters standing in front of the manor gates.

Campaign Ends: March 4
Platform: Windows. Switch and other consoles will be considered after the Windows release.

If you need more anthropomorphic canines in your life, specifically those who write books and solve mysteries, I have some very important news. The developers of 2019’s Tales of the Neon Sea have unveiled Mercury Abbey, a gorgeous pixel art sidescrolling narrative adventure set in a world filled with dreadful conspiracies, gloomy architecture, and many, many furries.

Meet bestselling novelist and anthropomorphic grey wolf Graywool Harrod, along with his adorable nephew Willie, a corgi mix with a fondness for dinosaurs. Years ago, Harrod rose to fame with a thrilling adventure novel based on his own experiences as a war correspondent. Sadly, adventure stories are all too common these days, and Harrod needs to develop something new and unusual for his next big hit. Thankfully, there’s a mysterious abbey nestled in the nearby mountains, and everyone loves creepy historical buildings. Secret rooms, strange guests, and even stranger inhabitants (it is owned by an alchemist family, after all); surely a goldmine for a writer like Harrod! Soon enough, our canine heroes find themselves entangled in both spider webs and conspiracies as the shocking truths behind the alchemist family and their manor come to light. Oh no.

Mercury Abbey screenshot - Main characters and a wolf woman chatting in an ice cream parlor.

Play through the game as both Harrod and Willie, each with their own unique skills. Willie, for example, is both an excellent climber and small enough to fit through Corgi-sized spaces. Though the pair will generally stick together, some sections will have them split up, with the player controlling one character or the other. Gather info, documents, and treasures, and talk with a wide range of animal species in visual novel-style conversations where your choices make a difference. Plus, enjoy a variety of puzzles and mini-games; there’s certainly no shortage of things to do and secrets to uncover in this colorful point-and-click world!

Mercury Abbey immediately brought the gorgeous pixel art and anthropomorphic characters of Backbone to mind, trading in the latter’s gritty cyberpunk noir aesthetic for gothic suspense. In this case, the tale is meant for all ages. With its gloomy ambiance, mind-boggling mysteries, and endearing canine guests, Mercury Abbey sounds like the perfect spot for a pleasant weekend getaway. Make sure to bring a thick notebook!

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

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