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Crowdfunding Chronicles: My Only Sunshine

Campaign Ends: May 15
Platform: Windows and macOS.

Our vast galaxy is home to an infinity of wonders; breathtaking nebulae, billions upon billions of stars, and most importantly, planetary spirits in the form of handsome young men. At least, that appears to be the case in My Only Sunshine, an upcoming Otome visual novel that will have you romancing the entire Solar System.

You play as the Sun, a warm and regal noblewoman in a stormy relationship with Terra, otherwise known as “Earth”; it’s safe to assume you’ve heard of that little planet. After an unfortunate public incident, you’re forced into making a galaxy-shifting decision; stand by Terra, or pursue a relationship with a different celestial body.

Composed mostly of attractive men (along with two women), the game’s love interests and their history take inspiration from both science and mythology. For example, Mars is quick-tempered and strong, while the toxic surface of Venus is the result of a bad breakup with the Sun long ago. In total, you’ll be presented with nine planet-inspired characters to romance, plus one mysterious and destructive Black Hole. On top of that, stretch goals are set to add yet another cosmic crush, the mysterious Planet X.

The galaxy is full of more than just planets and stars; you’ll have the opportunity to meet several minor characters based on moons and comets throughout your dating adventures, all of whom will be designed by the campaign’s most generous backers. These characters will initially be introduced in the prologue, with future appearances tied to the planet you choose to romance, adding plenty of replayability. Speaking of which, once you finish a route, you’ll have the option of starting a New Game + featuring scenes from the viewpoint of the Sun’s chosen love interest.

Personally, I think My Only Sunshine shows a lot of promise. The attractive character designs and cosmic themes definitely give me a gender-swapped Sailor Moon vibe, and my obsession with that little program was quite legendary back in the day. For those of you who similarly enjoy admiring Otome-style pretty boys, many of the pledge tiers include a digital artbook and even some mildly erotic art prints. Golly!

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

Tina Olah is a features writer and occasional reviewer for RPGFan. She is also an illustrator, cosplayer, book hoarder, and personal servant to a really cool Shih Tzu. Tina is an avid fan of strange science fiction and fantasy worlds, and would like you to know that she spent a considerable amount of time making Paladin’s Quest fan art back in grade 7.