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Crowdfunding Chronicles: Scott Whiskers in: The Search for Mr. Fumbleclaw

Scott Whiskers screenshot - Main character greeting a cat in a green room.

Campaign Ends: August 10
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, currently available on Playstation and Xbox consoles, iOS, Android, and Android TV.

Sometimes cats go missing and later turn up just two streets away, examining a confused woman’s newly bought groceries. I’m not sure if that’s what happens to the cat in this game, but I would like to find out. A feline-friendly point-and-click adventure by German developer Axel Friedrich, Scott Whiskers in: The Search for Mr. Fumbleclaw will have you track down a very important (and very stylish) kitty in a humor-filled journey appropriate for all ages.

Meet title character Scott Whiskers, a man with a mission: to find Mr. Fumbleclaw, the featured feline of a renowned cat beauty contest known as “Ricky’s Finest.” Though the game focuses on cats, you’ll run into plenty of other animals, including a vicious guard chihuahua, a rat named Steve, and a hamster set to play the lead role in an upcoming monster movie… whether he wants to or not! Of course, you’ll also meet and assist some fellow humans, including Alfredo, pizza chef and connoisseur of “ceiling mushrooms,” Susie, a local lord’s daughter and aspiring movie director (watch out, hamsters!), and Ricky himself: pageant host, pet salon owner, and avid smoker.

As the game is being developed in Germany, the original script will be in German, with much of the Kickstarter funds going towards an English translation. English voice acting will also be added if the €17,000 stretch goal is reached, with further stretch goals bringing additional translations, German voice acting, and possibly even a sequel. I must say, I love the fact that the campaign displays these stretch goals on a cat tree!

Scott Whiskers screenshot - View of a pink bedroom: the main character looks at a hamster cage, while a girl conducts science experiments at her desk.

As we’re both long-time fans of graphic adventures, the game’s sole developer and I share a similar origin in our love of the genre: escaping an evil wizard’s mansion in King’s Quest 3 (and likely tripping over the damn cat). Indeed, Scott Whiskers proudly shows its love of the classics, and is sure to please gamers with similar tastes. Anyway, the game contains cats, and that alone is a great reason to put it on your wishlist.

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

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