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Crowdfunding Chronicles: Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy

Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy screenshot - Isometric view of a man standing in front of a quaint house.

Campaign Ends: May 10th
Platform: Windows, macOS, and Linux, with console versions set to appear shortly after. A mobile port may be possible depending on the game’s success.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the detailed isometric graphics of 90s CRPGs, and it’s nice to see their influence still taking hold in our modern year of 2024. Introducing Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy, the next exciting adventure by the developers of Atom RPG. Inspired by classic Infinity Engine RPGs such as Baldur’s Gate and other D&D favorites, Swordhaven leaves behind the post-apocalyptic cityscapes of AtomTeam’s previous games and ventures into a dangerous new environment: the Medieval fantasy world of Nova Drakonia.

Explore the land, make friends and enemies, and take heed, as the game’s low-magic world hides danger, secrets, and conspiracies (surprise!). In fact, soon after setting foot on Nova Drakonia’s uncharted shores, you are given a mysterious, world-altering relic by a grievously injured man, pulling you into said conspiracies. Personally, I would have preferred a nice bit of costume jewelry, but what can you do? In the meantime, religious conflicts are brewing, a barbarian army lies across the horizon, and rumors of sorcery and strange creatures abound. How will your actions shape the land? Will you take the diplomatic route, or bonk your enemies with a mighty weapon of choice?

Isometric view of a battle in the wilderness in Swordhaven.

Though the game doesn’t offer traditional character classes, your stats (and combination thereof) will determine your abilities, dialogue options, and overall progress, with different ways to finish quests based on your attributes. You won’t be alone either, as you’ll eventually gather a party of up to five characters, controlled directly or by the system. Combat-wise, the game offers both turn-based battles and real-time with a pause option, just like the classics. Finally, you can work towards mastering a weapon or two (each with their own special abilities and questlines), and take some time off to enjoy crafting and alchemy.

Swordhaven has already reached its funding target, and is now heading towards some exciting stretch goals. The game is expected to release during Q4 2025, and will be finished regardless of the campaign’s outcome; most of the acquired funds will go towards animation, visuals, and voice acting. Until that moderately distant date, you can try out the demo and leave some helpful feedback.

AtomTeam’s previous titles were generally well received, and I have no doubt the developer will continue to please fans of classic CRPGs with Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy. You’ll no longer need a TARDIS to return to 1998; Nova Drakonia awaits!

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

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