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Crowdfunding Chronicles: The Heirloom

The Heirloom screenshot - The gloomy lighthouse interior. A door is open and there's an old man sitting under a light within.

Campaign Ends: October 12th
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox Consoles.

If Tim Burton were to combine The Lighthouse and Oxenfree, the result might be something like The Heirloom. Developed by a core team of two people and a fluffy gray cat (he does QA), today’s featured game is a spooky narrative adventure starring a pair of wide-eyed orphans, a creepy lighthouse, and an even creepier old man.

Meet young siblings Marla and Jack Moir; tragically torn from their former lives, the pair must now travel across the seas and settle into their new residence, a strange little town on the Scottish Hebrides. The two have become the responsibility of their reclusive grandfather Morvin, a hermit who has isolated himself in an old lighthouse for many years. Please note: the old man is not, in fact, a flatulent Willem Dafoe, though I think that would have been an interesting twist.

Suffice to say, Jack and Marla’s new residence is not where they were hoping to spend their youth. Strange things are afoot on this desolate isle, hardly seeming to faze the even stranger inhabitants. At the center of it all is Morvin Moir’s antiquated abode. There’s definitely something disturbing about this old lighthouse; what secrets will your investigations unearth? An alien artifact? Continent-spanning conspiracies? Drawers filled with dozens upon dozens of moth-infested Long Johns??? Judging by the very mysterious trailer, the answer could be all (or none) of these things; I’m looking forward to finding out!

Fans of point-and-click games and modern-style graphic adventures should feel right at home in this creepy little hamlet. Explore the seaside environs, talk to eccentric (and mostly geriatric) locals, solve puzzles, and experience interactive animated cutscenes; all of your decisions will affect how the story plays out! In addition, there is a slight chance that you may be able to pet at least one cat throughout your journeys… an exciting prospect indeed!

The Heirloom screenshot - Main characters looking off a cliff surrounded by fog, complaining about the lack of a phone signal.

The Heirloom has already reached its base funding target, with stretch goals set to add additional animated cutscenes, more voice acting, and surprises yet to come. Potential backers may want to take note of the mysterious “Epilogue” DLC included with pledges of $45 and above, or available to buy separately upon its release date.

I really love The Heirloom‘s hand-drawn art style, Burton-esque mood, and bleak maritime setting; it feels like the perfect gaming choice for a chilly autumn day, or a boat trip with your Switch if you prefer. Although I’m currently on the fence as to whether or not I’d actually want to live in a lighthouse, at least this game will give us the opportunity to explore one; and maybe, our explorations will change this (virtual) world!

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

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