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Crowdfunding Chronicles: To the Moon: Bestest Memories

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Campaign Ends: September 14th
Platform: A table, a desk, or your floor!

Clear your table and prepare a beverage of your choice, as today we welcome a new and exciting adventure in Crowdfunding Chronicles: our first coverage of a card game! Presenting To the Moon: Bestest Memories, a heartwarming standalone game based on Freebird Games’ beloved and emotional To the Moon series.

To the Moon: Bestest Memories is designed for two to five players, with a single breezy playthrough lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. Each player will take on the role of a doctor from Sigmund Corp, tasked with cleaning up a co-worker’s mess: Dr. Neil Watts, a protagonist of the original games, has made a dreadful technical error resulting in the company’s archived memories being thrown to the four winds (of consciousness). Sigh… technology is a joy. It’s now up to you and your friends to gather these missing memories; alternatively, you can try and collect them by yourself, as a solo mode is also in the works.

Players will obtain memories from the original games by trading cards with matching emotion symbols. Each memory card has a set of emotions associated with it; for example, the “public performance” card includes both happiness and anxiety. The emotion you use to acquire this memory will bring a bit of personal interpretation to the game; does the thought of giving a speech make you excited, or cause you to marathon sprint into a closet? I know what I’d pick! Memory cards also have point values, and sometimes quirks with special abilities or rules. They can even be reserved using special research equipment. Expect different cards to show up in each game, per your excellent (or questionable) shuffling skills; once a player draws the “End of the Line” card, the game is over. Count up your points and see who wins!

To The Moon: Bestest Memories collector's edition cards, mat, and box.

To the Moon: Bestest Memories is available in three different formats: the base portable edition good for a quick game; a collector’s edition with an exclusive artbook, playmat, and other bonuses; and a print ‘n’ play digital PDF edition. The cards, the collector’s edition goodies, and even the box itself are simply beautiful, showcasing the work of six artists from across the original games. Meanwhile, add-ons include a second beautiful artbook (highlighting the work of Francisco “Maki” Fuenzalida), shirts, comic books, and even a tiny piano-shaped music box. All add-ons can be purchased sans game by donating $1 CAD to the Swag tier. Wonderful gifts for fans of the original series!

The Kickstarter campaign reached its initial funding target in only 45 minutes, showing just how beloved and memorable this series has remained. Remaining stretch goals include enamel pins added to all physical tiers, a bigger sandcastle in the upcoming beach episode, and more to be revealed. Meanwhile, backers who donate $5 and up (or purchase an add-on alongside the $1 swag tier) will be able to write and submit their own little message for players to find in the upcoming To the Moon Beach Episode.

All things considered, To the Moon: Bestest Memories truly feels like a special gift to the fandom, yet also sounds easy enough for newcomers to pick up. On that note, if you haven’t played the original game and its sequels yet, now is the perfect time!

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

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