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Crowdfunding Chronicles: Weaving Tides

Campaign Ends: May 30
Platform: Windows, macOS, and Switch.

Hey friends! Do you regularly enjoy arts and crafts? Weaving and stitching, perhaps? How about extraordinary fantasy worlds comparable to The Dark Crystal and Studio Ghibli films? If so, I invite you to take a look at Weaving Tides, a very unique little puzzle adventure that may be relevant to your interests.

Taking place in an exquisite, otherworldly setting where the very ground is woven together, you play as Tass, the lone human living among the beautifully-costumed, anthropomorphic “Mothkin.” Set out on a journey to investigate your mysterious heritage and the disappearance of your parents, though be wary; an ancient and sinister force is slowly reawakening beneath the land.

Explore the world astride three colorful dragon companions able to weave and stitch their way through the land with their long, ribbon-like tails. Both combat and puzzle solving will require their skills; for example, you may need to weave together holes in the ground or drag large items out of the way in order to progress. Each dragon has their own unique techniques and advantages, which can be improved using items you find or buy. Besides that, they’re just so ding dang cute!

Combat in the game is meant to be fairly relaxing, though not without some challenge. Each of the cute (and mildly creepy) monster types will require different techniques to defeat, adding a little bit of strategy to battles. For players who prefer a higher level of difficulty, you’ll be able to pick up items that boost enemy stats and possibly give you greater rewards for defeating them. Meanwhile, if you find yourself a little tired of fighting and puzzle solving, the game’s “Playground Mode” will allow you to weave your own digital artwork using magical ribbons you find throughout the game. I have no doubt that if I play through this mode, I will end up weaving a picture of a small dog.

Weaving Tides is definitely one of the most unique games I’ve come across this year; the myriad of fascinating worldbuilding and gameplay ideas could likely be extended to an entire series (or perhaps even some comic book spinoffs), in my opinion. While the base campaign is already funded, stretch goals will add hidden treasure spots, among other surprises yet to be announced. I highly recommend taking a look!

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Tina Olah

Tina Olah

Tina Olah is a features writer and occasional reviewer for RPGFan. She is also an illustrator, cosplayer, book hoarder, and personal servant to a really cool Shih Tzu. Tina is an avid fan of strange science fiction and fantasy worlds, and would like you to know that she spent a considerable amount of time making Paladin’s Quest fan art back in grade 7.