For our reviews, we score each component of a game out of 100%, before assigning an overall score to the game. The overall score is not necessarily an average of the component scores, and instead is left to the discretion of the reviewer. Our 1-100% scale is generally modeled after academic grading systems, wherein numbers below 60% are generally at or near “failing.” For a full overview of our scoring system, see our handy chart:

RPGFan Standard Scoring System

Editor’s Choice

The RPGFan Editor’s Choice Award designates exceptional games, either because they introduce new ideas that push RPGs or adventure titles in a new direction, or simply because they deliver an absolutely solid experience in general.

RPGFan Editor's Choice Award

Recipients of this award are not held to any particular score, but are simply superb games in the eyes of the author. You can rest assured that games carrying the Editor’s Choice Award emblem are some of the best games released in that genre.


These days, a game can change quite a bit between release, and a year or even months later. If we feel our published review no longer properly reflects a game’s current state, we may revise or publish an addendum based on a game’s update, pending staff availability. Occasionally, we may be alerted to such changes by a developer, publisher, or reader, though any changes are made solely at RPGFan’s discretion.