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Random Encounter 186 – A Fresh Coat of Paint

On this episode of Random Encounter:
– Jono wraps up on his Yakuza experiences with Judgment. That’s all… FOR NOW!
– Tyler is here to regale us with his tales from Dragon Quest XI S, to tell us how the improvements between versions stack up.
– Nathan reviewed Rune Factory 4 Special Edition for us, so Greg and he get into the finer points of digital anime farming!
– The Bravely Default II Demo was a nice surprise that Greg picked up, and Jono has just started up Bravely Default in anticipation of the sequel.
– Finally, Nathan has been working his way through Persona 5 Royal and is quite delighted with the improvements brought to this version!

**DISCLAIMER** Due to the given circumstances of folks staying at home due to COVID-19, Nathan’s audio features his family in the background lol.

Featuring: Greg Delmage, Jono Logan, Nathan Lee, Tyler Trosper

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Greg Delmage

Greg Delmage

As a fan of the RPG oeuvre, it seemed only natural that Greg Delmage should join RPGFan on the Random Encounter podcast (and sometimes reviewer)! When not auditioning or doing what he can at RPGFan, Greg enjoys adventuring with his swell partner Annette, helping raise their daughter, and playing many a board and video game! Want to chat all things Nintendo, Final Fantasy or Harvest Moon? Greg is always down.

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