Greg Delmage

RPGFan Music Editor

Greg Delmage

As a fan of the RPG oeuvre, it seemed only natural that Greg Delmage should join RPGFan on the Random Encounter podcast (and sometimes reviewer)! When not auditioning or doing what he can at RPGFan, Greg enjoys adventuring with his swell partner Annette, helping raise their daughter, and playing many a board and video game! Want to chat all things Nintendo, Final Fantasy or Harvest Moon? Greg is always down.

Favourite Games/Series

Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantasy series, Harvest Moon series, Secret of Mana, Legend of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario, Mega Man/X series, Metroid series, Tomb Raider post-2013 series, Freelancer, Civilization series, Star Fox series, 7th Saga, Dark Cloud

Favourite Genres

RPG, space-flight simulation, strategy, platformer, action

Misc Interests

Acting, tabletop gaming, visual art, reading fiction/fantasy/sci-fi, piano, gardening, working out

Time at RPGFan

April 2018–Present

Where I'm From

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada