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Rhythm Encounter 134 – Masashi Hamauzu Spotlight

Rhythm Encounter 134 Masashi Hamauzu - art from FFVII Remake, FFXIII, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon, and Legend of Legacy

Whether or not you need an introduction to Masashi Hamauzu’s music, we’ve got something for you. From some well-known to lesser-known Final Fantasy pieces to some classic Square Enix games, our panel dug in to ensure we covered a lot of ground in Hamauzu’s history as a composer and arranger. So join us as we discuss fantasies, legacies, remakes, a guy named Todd, and way too much about how we’re meant to pronounce “Archylte.”

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Patrick Gann, Zach Wilkerson, Greg Delmage; Edited by Paul Dennis


0:06:51 – The Star Graal – The Legend of Legacy
0:11:38 – Frenzy Under Pressure (comp. Masashi Hamauzu, perf. Benyamin Nuss, Lisa Schumann & Kana Shirao) – Masashi Hamauzu Opus 4 Piano and Chamber Music Works
0:39:23 – End of the World (comp. Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, arr. Masashi Hamauzu) – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
0:42:16 – Jessie’s Theme – Final Fantasy VII Remake
1:03:33 – The Archylte Steppe – Final Fantasy XIII
1:07:41 – A Fleeting Dream (comp. Nobuo Uematsu, arr. Masashi Hamauzu) – Final Fantasy X
1:39:43 – Todfeind – SaGa Frontier 2
1:41:51 – A Dream in Flight – Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon
2:16:55 – Mike’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

Chocobo’s [Mystery] Dungeon Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack Plus

Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack

The Legend of Legacy Original Soundtrack

Masashi Hamauzu Opus 4 Piano and Chamber Music Works

SaGa Frontier 2 Original Soundtrack

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