The Legend of Legacy Original Soundtrack


Review by · December 15, 2015

It’s difficult to explain why, on most days, when I listen to “Unknowable Truths” I hear a beautiful, sparkling soundscape, undulating slowly as the melody marches steadily towards resolution, but, on occasion, hear a wanting, underproduced attempt at minimalism. In the same way, I have heard “Double Dimension Battle” change from a predictable quantity that lacks creative spark to a pulse-heightening jam whose bright brass and eager strings provide satisfying contrast to the heavy, electronic kick drum. Despite complicated feelings for tracks like this, I still hold a curious affection for them.

There are several such conflicting songs on Masahi Hamauzu’s The Legend of Legacy OST. Though capable, interesting, and at least a little enchanting, they couldn’t consistently hold my attention or adoration. In contrast, “City of Solitude” is an exceptionally moving song: using a steady pulsing and innocent melody to build into a simple yet breathtaking apex when the deep, electronic kick drum finally enters. Likewise, “The Shipwood” succeeds in blending several of the album’s distinct styles into a strangely beautiful amalgamation of abstract, chirping sawtooth synths and tense driving percussion. There’s a good handful of similar gems, whose luster made the album a truly worthwhile experience for me.

I did, however, find many of Hamauzu’s attempts at high energy tracks rather mundane. They aren’t clumsy or offensive, but largely fill me with apathy and lack the intrigue that draws me to much of the other music. The only significant exception to that sentiment is “Battle with the Heavenly General,” whose powerful tension and exuberant jazz guitar make it stand singularly above its peers. It’s unfortunate, though, that the mellow tone cultivated in other tracks can make it seem boisterous by comparison.

There’s something about this album that touches me on an intrinsic level, even if not all the time, and being unable to fully define it fills me with a certain amount of infatuation. Even now, there are many things about it that I wish I could clearly communicate. I don’t know if this is solely a personal phenomenon or a quality of the music, but I encourage you to decide for yourself.

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David Tesnovich

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