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Rhythm Encounter 105 – Chained Echoes with Composer Eddie Marianukroh

Rhythm Encounter 105 Chained Echoes Eddie Marianukroh

There is nothing quite as exciting as having a composer as a guest on Rhythm Encounter. After offering much praise for Chained Echoes and its soundtrack, we wanted to get to know up-and-comer Eddie Marianukroh, the composer of said game. In today’s episode of Rhythm Encounter, we talk to Eddie regarding his work as a composer, and ask him to share some game music that matters to him. In contrast, co-hosts Patrick Gann and Greg Delmage share two of their favorite Chained Echoes tunes and get some behind-the-scenes factoids from Eddie regarding these tracks and more!

Featuring: Patrick Gann, Greg Delmage, with special guest Eddie Marianukroh; Edited by Jono Logan

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0:10:54 – A World Betwixt (Yasunori Mitsuda, arr. John Paul Hayward) – Cross Symphonic: A Symphonic Tribute to “Chrono Cross”
0:14:50 – Flower Fields of Perpetua (Eddie Marianukroh) – Chained Echoes
0:56:12 – Trisection (Hitoshi Sakimoto, arr. Ruby “PurpleSchala” Toung) – Final Fantasy Tactics Piano Collections Vol.1
0:58:57 – Standing Tall (The Mountains of Kortara) (Eddie Marianukroh) – Chained Echoes
1:42:55 – Eddie’s Bonus Track!
1:44:59 – Pat’s Bonus Bonus Track – “Full Speed Ahead” (ZILF) – Chained Echoes‘ tortoise race

Album Links

Chained Echoes (Original Game Soundtrack)

Cross Symphonic: A Symphonic Tribute to Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy Tactics Piano Collections Vol.1

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