Final Fantasy Tactics


Set in the medieval world of Ivalice, Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the first major departures from the mainline series of its name. It combines isometric three-quarter visuals with a tactical grid system in which players move their characters across to initiate attacks, provide healing, or summon ancient deities for aid. Players are joined by story characters and must also recruit soldiers to aid their party, leveling and changing classes to earn new abilities across 20 different Job types.

The game follows the life of Ramza Beoulve and Delita Hyral, childhood friends separated by social class. Ramza is of noble birth and must grapple with the realities of the political dangers threatening to ensnare him as Delita makes him aware of the struggles suffered by the common people. Tragedy, betrayal, and conspiracy follow as Ramza learns of evil plots of assassination, demon resurrection, and world domination.

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
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Final Fantasy Tactics Patrick Gann Sony PlayStation 3

Music Reviews

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