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Rhythm Encounter 5 – Ormond Alliance

So T.G. Cid, Al-Cid, and Dr. Cid walk into Migelo’s Shop in Rabanastre… wait, no. The fifth episode of your friendly neighborhood music show delves deep into the world of the Ivalice Alliance, featuring Final Fantasy Tactics (and its sequels), Final Fantasy XII, and Vagrant Story! The music here was so rich, though, that we brought along a pro to help us break it all down: Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII arranger/performer Casey Ormond!

Featuring: Stephen Meyerink, Derek Heemsbergen, Casey Ormond


1 – Whispers of the Gods – Final Fantasy XI Musicbox Adventures
2 – Ardent Rhythm (from “Romancing Saga – Minstrel Song”) – T. Sekito’s Guitarworks
3 – Senkou no Kanata e – Agarest Senki 2 Vocal Mini Album
4 – Antidote – Final Fantasy Tactics
5 – Shop – Final Fantasy Tactics
6 – Trisection – Final Fantasy Tactics
7 – Battle on the Bridge – Final Fantasy Tactics
8 – Dubsection – World 1-2
9 – Opening Movie – Vagrant Story
10 – Undercity – Vagrant Story
11 – Catacombs – Vagrant Story
12 – Great Cathedral Attic – Vagrant Story
13 – Minotauros – Vagrant Story
14 – Companions That Surpassed Their Races – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
15 – Tough Battle (Full Sound Version) – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
16 – A Place That We Should Return To – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
17 – A Place That We Should Return To (Invincible Version) – White: Melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
18 – Dalmasca Estersand – Final Fantasy XII
19 – Seeking Power – Final Fantasy XII
20 – Boss Battle – Final Fantasy XII
21 – The Skycity of Bhujerba – Final Fantasy XII
22 – Clash on the Big Bridge – Final Fantasy XII
23 – The Skycity of Bhujerba (Background) – Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII
24 – Main Theme – Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
25 – Eternal Time – Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
26 – Sorrow – Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
27 – ???Guest’s Choice

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Stephen Meyerink

Stephen Meyerink

Stephen used to hang out here, but at some point he was either slain by Rob or disappeared after six hundred straight hours of chanting "I'm really feeling it!" while playing Smash Ultimate. (But seriously, Stephen ran RPGFan Music for a portion of his six years here, and launched our music podcast, Rhythm Encounter.)

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