Final Fantasy Tactics Original Sound Track


Review by · November 5, 1999

Regarded by most as one of the finest works to come from Square, Final Fantasy Tactics is an OST that nobody should miss out on. Besides 3 or 4 Tracks, the entire OST is filled with fully orchestrated enhanced-MIDI music. There are no vocal tracks, but that’s okay. This soundtrack has a very neoclassical style running through it, another feature that is very important to the consumer. Speaking of the consumer, this 2 disc set is very easy to find at online stores. In fact, many online stores have more of this soundtrack in stock than they do the game that the soundtrack was written for!

I give the Final Fantasy Tactics OST a 5 out of 5, two thumbs up, and every other high ranking known to man. It is the best soundtrack I own, and I don’t believe that any other soundtrack known to man surpasses it yet as a whole…Though Chrono Cross could change that.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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