Chrono Cross


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Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Chrono Cross Cameron Hamm Sony PlayStation
Chrono Cross Damian Thomas Sony PlayStation
Chrono Cross Ken Chu Sony PlayStation
Chrono Cross Robert Bogdanowicz Sony PlayStation

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
Across the Worlds ~ Chrono Cross Wayรด Piano Collection Patrick Gann February 4, 2021
Cafe SQ Bob Richardson November 23, 2011
Chrono Cross Music Selection Patrick Gann August 14, 2000
Chrono Cross Orchestral Arrangement Eva Padilla September 4, 2019
Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack Patrick Gann December 18, 1999
Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack Brad Hayes-Raugh December 18, 1999
Chrono Orchestra Arrangement Box Patrick Gann September 4, 2019
Colours of Light: yasunori mitsuda vocal collection Liz Maas August 26, 2009
GAME – Piano Squall Eric Farand June 30, 2007
Gaming Fantasy Eric Farand May 20, 2012
Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5 Brigid Choi January 16, 2015
Melody of Legend ~Chapter of Dream~ Patrick Gann January 10, 2001
Parallelus Mike Salbato November 18, 2019
PLAY! A Video Game Symphony Live! Patrick Gann January 9, 2009
Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams Hilary Andreff October 10, 2017
Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Stephen Meyerink May 19, 2014
SQ Chips 2 Damian Thomas July 25, 2012
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.3: Square 1999-2000 Patrick Gann September 15, 2010
Square Vocal Collection Damian Thomas June 20, 2001
SQUAREDANCE (Limited Edition) Damian Thomas October 1, 2002
Symphonic Fantasies – music from Square Enix Patrick Gann September 17, 2010
Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Stephen Meyerink June 11, 2012
Through Time and Space: Chrono Piano Album Marcos Gaspar March 15, 2015
Time & Space: A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda Lucy Rzeminski October 7, 2001
To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album Patrick Gann October 14, 2015
Video Games Live: Level 2 Patrick Gann October 19, 2010

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