Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack


Review by · February 27, 2000

If you read my previous soundtrack reviews, you will read about how it is close to my favorite, but that it’s position in my “favorites” listing would change with this soundtrack. This way, you knew that I had VERY HIGH expectations for this soundtrack. Just so you know, this thing DOES live up to my expectations. It is now my FAVORITE soundtrack of all time, and I don’t know if any soundtrack will be changing that for a very long time.

This soundtrack, comprising of three discs, has some of the most haunting melodies known to man. The main theme to this game is a mix of the old Chrono Trigger theme and the “Radical Dreamers” theme (Radical Dreamers was a primitive-type sequel to Chrono Trigger). Along with that theme, there’s also the first track, “Time’s Scar”. I ask that you all check out this song and the other samples to find out how good this CD is. I purposefully chose many different songs of many different styles in my samples, because giving you more of the same would be boring. And yes, there is a LOT of the same, though it is still GREAT! Many themes are just tweaked in different ways to make a new song, and it’s good they put both versions on the CD because both versions are stupendous.

I really can’t say more about how much I like this soundtrack…I can tell you that Disc 3 is my favorite though. It’s the best of the discs by far. It contains the vocal track done by Noriko Mitose and her band “Kirche”. That is another GREAT track on here. Now that you want it so bad (And I know you do), where should you buy it? It’s out of print now, so just keep your eyes out, and go for it!

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Patrick Gann

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