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Rhythm Encounter 2 – World Revolution

We’re pleased to bring you the second episode of RPGFan’s newest podcast, Rhythm Encounter. We were thrilled with the feedback we received from the first episode, and your comments and criticism were both welcome and very helpful.

For episode 2, we’ve tried to work in some of your suggestions, and one thing we missed with the first episode was a more careful explanation of the show’s tracklist and places where you can get the music. Every time we post a new episode, you’ll be able to find links to our reviews of the albums (and from there, links to places where you can buy the music) and a full tracklist. And from here on out, each news post will be attached to its respective episode in the feed, so you’ll always be able to access this information when you need it.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days of giant people stomping around in disproportionately small worlds, then this episode is for you! Stephen and Derek are joined by the always eloquent Kyle E. Miller to talk classic world map themes. Featuring tunes from classics like Pokémon and Chrono Trigger, and some more modern twists like Mass Effect and Heavy Rain, there’s a little something in here for everyone, so give it a listen!

As always, if you have topic suggestions, track requests, or suggestions for ways we can improve (or if you just want to tell us how much you love us), feel free to email us!

Featuring: Stephen Meyerink, Derek Heemsbergen, Kyle E. Miller


1 – Pressing Pursuit ~Cornered~ – Phoenix Wright
2 – Red/Blue Theme – Pokemon Reorchestrated
3 – Before the Storm – Heavy Rain
4 – Frozen Olive – Record of Agarest War 2
5 – Over the Hill – A Melancholy Tribute to Final Fantasy IX
6 – Over Those Hills – Final Fantasy IX
7 – Strange World – Dragon Quest VIII (US ver. listed as DQVIII Symphonic Suite)
8 – Filgaia – Wild Arms Alter Code: F
9 – Terra – Final Fantasy VI
10 – Junkyard – Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga
11 – Heartbeat, Heartbreak – Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
12 – Uncharted Worlds – Mass Effect
13 – Main Theme ~World Map~ – Final Fantasy VII
14 – Time Circuits – Chrono Trigger
15 – On the Banks of a Dream ~Another World~ – Chrono Cross
16 – The Boundary Between Wind and the Earth – Baten Kaitos Origins
17 – Walking Forward with Determination – Golden Sun: The Lost Age (no official album releases)
18 – ???Guest’s Choice

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Stephen Meyerink

Stephen Meyerink

Stephen used to hang out here, but at some point he was either slain by Rob or disappeared after six hundred straight hours of chanting "I'm really feeling it!" while playing Smash Ultimate. (But seriously, Stephen ran RPGFan Music for a portion of his six years here, and launched our music podcast, Rhythm Encounter.)

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