Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 Original Soundtrack


Review by · March 20, 2006

Atlus has been fairly consistent as of late with releasing bonus soundtracks as a limited/preorder add-on with their games. Most recently, SMT DDS2 had a one-disc soundtrack released with the game. This came as a two-month precursor to the Japanese release, which had two discs of music from DDS2 on it. So, at the time of its release, it was quite special. Even now, after the import soundtrack, it turns out that this soundtrack was quite the deal. Filling the disc with nearly 80 minutes of some of the game’s best songs, this bonus is certainly worthwhile.

In fact, as far as price goes, I really think this soundtrack is a better deal than the import soundtrack, if you already plan to purchase the game (and the soundtrack is still available). If you’re a real “completionist”, the four disc set (containing OSTs to DDS 1 and 2) is a great purchase, but this soundtrack highlights the best of DDS2.

Despite Meguro’s notoriously awesome battle tracks (such as “Battle for Survival”) dominating the soundtrack, I also found that the softer songs were something special. The short piano solo track “Regret” is a somber and beautiful piece. “Karma City” simultaneously gave me chills and made me want to dance; it’s ambient techno at its best, surpassing even my favorite songs on Metroid Prime.

If you’re a fan of the first game, but somehow you missed out on the second one, try and make sure your game comes with this delightful bonus soundtrack. The music works just as well stand-alone as it does in-game.

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Patrick Gann

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