Chrono Trigger


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Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Chrono Trigger Ken Chu Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Chrono Trigger Neal Chandran Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Chrono Trigger Robert Bogdanowicz Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
Battle SQ Stephen Meyerink July 4, 2012
Beer SQ Kyle E. Miller July 4, 2012
Cafe SQ Jerry Williams November 23, 2011
Chrono Orchestra Arrangement Box Patrick Gann September 4, 2019
Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: The Brink of Time Freddie W June 25, 1995
Chrono Trigger Official Soundtrack: Music From Final Fantasy Chronicles Patrick Gann October 21, 2001
Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra Soundtrack Patrick Gann November 20, 2008
Chrono Trigger Orchestral Arrangement Neal Chandran September 4, 2019
Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Liz Maas January 21, 1995
Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack (1999) Ryan Mattich December 18, 1999
Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack (2009) Patrick Gann July 29, 2009
Chrono Trigger played by Kara Comparetto Patrick Gann January 30, 2023
Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 1 Jerry Williams August 22, 2013
Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 2 Jerry Williams September 24, 2013
Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3 Mike Salbato January 30, 2014
Chrono Trigger: Jazz Arrange Version David Tesnovich March 7, 2014
Chrono Trigger: The Last Day of the World Orchestra Mike Salbato October 8, 2012
CHRONOTORIOUS Patrick Gann August 18, 2009
Cure SQ Jerry Williams December 11, 2013
EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger Mike Salbato October 22, 2019
GAME – Piano Squall Eric Farand June 30, 2007
Gaming Fantasy Eric Farand May 20, 2012
Love SQ Patrick Gann November 25, 2009
More SQ Neal Chandran March 2, 2011
Orchestral Game Concert 5 Patrick Gann January 21, 1996
Piano Collections: Chrono Trigger Francis Li December 9, 2016
Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume II Derek Heemsbergen April 27, 2015
Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu – Gold Edition Lucy Rzeminski June 22, 2002
Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu – Silver Edition Robert Bogdanowicz May 9, 2002
Retro Remix Revue Vol. 2 Neal Chandran November 1, 2009
SQ Chips Derek Heemsbergen September 21, 2011
SQ Lovers Jerry Williams November 23, 2011
Square Enix Acoustic Arrangements Patrick Gann October 2, 2019
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.1: Square 1987-1996 Patrick Gann May 9, 2007
SQUAREDANCE (Limited Edition) Damian Thomas October 1, 2002
Symphonic Fantasies – music from Square Enix Patrick Gann September 17, 2010
Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo Stephen Meyerink June 11, 2012
The End of Time: Melancholy music from Chrono Trigger Neal Chandran August 19, 2015
The OneUps Volume 1 Patrick Gann June 28, 2005
The OneUps Volume 2 Patrick Gann September 2, 2008
The World is Square Hilary Andreff February 14, 2019
Through Time and Space: Chrono Piano Album Marcos Gaspar March 15, 2015
Time & Space: A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda Lucy Rzeminski October 7, 2001
To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album Patrick Gann October 14, 2015
Tournament Arc Patrick Gann January 12, 2024
Video Games Live: Level 2 Patrick Gann October 19, 2010
X’mas Collections music from Square Enix Patrick Gann November 24, 2010